We challenge the diificult with our reliable and advanced know-how,
backed by our superior quality to bring innovative solutions to our customers.

01Quality and Reliability

We proudly perform the full range of services
from development, design and manufacturing to installation with our own resources.

The quality of our products is assured by our comprehensive in-house control of all development,
design, manufacture, installation and after-service.

By assuring a high level of quality,
we are able to deliver highly reliable
products and services to our worldwide

Total Deliveries

(presently confirmed to be in operation)
In Japan and 33 other countries in the world.

02Technology and Innovation

We continue to challenge the highest goals
with our tehcnology built pver 100 years of experience.

We have always challenged unique and original technologies worldwide in response to the needs
of our customers.
We continue our endeavor to further develop our unique know-how to meet the challenges
of the future to cater to the ever-evolving needs of our customers
by continuing to build on our over 100 years of experience.

03Developing Solutions

With our custom design process,
we closely work with the customer to realize their needs.

We have always stood closely beside our customers to solve the issues they face,
by understanding their needs to propose optimum solutions.

As every equipment is custom designed, we are able to propose solutions tailored to
each particular design, giving us a high degree of problem solving ability,
highly valued by our customers worldwide.

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